Autoship Power

Resistance and Powering Prediction Program

Autopower allows optimization of hull parameters based on 12 independent resistance and propulsion methods for displacement, semi-displacement, planing hulls and catamarans.
High-quality editable output is displayed on-screen or printed as tabular and graphical reports.

Autopower Key Features

Graphic User Interface

Parameters may be easily changed for quick recalculations. Limits of each resistance prediction method are clearly displayed, providing guidance on the selection of the most suitable methods. Using Windows, Autopower may be one of several programs running at once - a significant time and frustration saver when the effect of a change to the model is to be examined.

Fast Link to Autoship

Autopower has a fast link which enables hull parameters to be imported from Autoship. Hull parameters may also be easily specified by the user.

Export to Word Processing Programs

Edit reports off-line using either the built-in Autoship Report Editor, or export to MS Excel.

Displacement Methods

Andersen & Guldhammer, Holtrop, Fung, van Oortmerssen, Digernes & Cheng, Jin, Su & Tan, Calisal and FAO (UN).

Planing Methods

Savitsky and Radojcic.

Semi-Displacement Method


Catamaran Method


Propulsion Efficiencies

User-specified or calculated according to Wageningen B-series or Gawn-Burrill KCA series polynomials.

Propeller Optimization

Propeller optimization can be carried out in two modes: for fixed propeller diameter and ship speed or for given delivered power and propeller rpm.