Autoship Hydro

Hydrostatics and Stability Program

A state-of-the-art hydrostatics and stability calculations program, performs intact and damaged analyses and produces customised stability reports which are accepted by all major governing approval bodies. Also available in Standard and Pro versions.
Autohydro is our complete naval architectural calculation program, which allows the user to define any vessel type or floating structure, using the companion program ModelMaker (supplied with Autohydro) and then to perform naval architectural calculations on the model, such as hydrostatics, cross curves of stability, tank capacities, intact stability, damage stability using deterministic or probabilistic methods and so on.

Autohydro Key Features

Vessel Model

Vessel models are defined by transverse sections, which can be entered by using a digitizer or by typing in offsets, or defined by creating a combination of primitive shapes such as cones, boxes or surfaces of rotation. These objects can be fit or joined to the hull or to each other

Interactive & Run File Modes

The user has 3 methods for performing calculations. The pull-down menu system can be used for most loading condition set-ups and simple calculations. Individual commands can be typed in for more complex calculations. Or the run file editor can be used to organize many commands for lengthy calculations and to generate in-depth reports. The run file editor has a built-in error checker to verify all commands. Users can develop a library of run files for future use and modification.


Autohydro operates under Windows and provides a graphic, intuitive interface. The main screen shows Profile, Plan and Body View plus a full report of current vessel attitude including Draft, VCG and GM with FSM.


Autohydro will calculate using tanks, cargo spaces and compartments in intact, damaged, frozen or spilling conditions. Waves and wind velocity and direction may be specified. As well, Autohydro calculates for high-speed turning and grounding situations.


Full reports and graphs of loading, longitudinal strength, stability, righting arms and hull parameters can be produced, edited and saved or sent to the printer. As well, Autohydro can evaluate stability with regard to published stability criteria and a warning is issued if the limit is not met.

Custom Reports

Edit reports off-line either using Autoship Report Editor or MS Excel. Format Reports and use Excel marcos to automate report formatting. Calculate additional values from results produced by program. Generate reports in either A4 or 8 1/2" X 11" format