Autoload is a state of the art loading computer. Used around the world, Autoload is installed on virtually every type of vessel - ro-ro, container, bulk, semi-submersible, coastguard, naval, cruise, fishing, survey, tanker, supply vessels and more! At present, Autoload has been installed onboard more than 1000 vessels.
Autoload enables vessel operators to perform accurate stability and strength calculations for any vessel loading condition. All calculations are performed from first principles, ensuring that results are as close to real-life as possible, including true shift of load in slack tanks, damage, wind, grounding, water on deck, crane operation, any possible “what-if” scenario. Autoship Systems Corporation provides customized loading solutions in specialized areas such as Offshore, Jack-up, Loading and Stowage, Offshore platforms, Terminal Management and Yard Planning, Shipping, Logistics and many more applications.

Autoload Key Features

Sophisticated graphics with both global and highly detailed displays of all your stowage areas.

Cargo grouping in the interface according to customer needs (for example, shipper, cargo type, hazardous material classifications, deck limitations, etc).

Synchronization - at any stage in the process - between planned and actual loading/stowage data.

Automatic Stowage Checks for IMDG Segregation, deck height, weight, pressure, and area limitations, cargo space conflicts at every upcoming port, unstackable cargo, etc

A highly sophisticated interface that deals with large quantities of cargo quickly and easily, but permits fine adjustments to individual cargo items.

Organized information display based on departure and arrival conditions for each item to be loaded.

Highly accessible stowage data - when and where you need it - without ever leaving the deck display.

Graphic and tabular reports at any stage, tailored to port, cargo type, HAZMAT, and user requirements.

Overall cargo space utilization by deck, cargo type, and by percent of total available.

User-definable stowage rules for use in automatic stowage operations.

Flexible standardized stowage patterns for consistent and predictable conditions (cargo, vessel , port - preventing unnecessary repetition of effort).

Switch between profile, plan and body views using convenient slide bar.

Separate window for control of tanks and tank contents.

Connect to on-board tank and draft sensors.

Separate, fixed 'Floating Status' area for hydrostatic values.

Compare vessel condition with preset strength and stability limits

Create readily printable reports that can also be exported to any common word.

processing or spreadsheet program.

Customizable alert system.